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Kvietimas dalyvauti esė konkurse

Mieli studentai,

norime su Jumis pasidalinti laišku, kuriuo kviečiama dalyvauti esė konkurse šv. Galeno simpoziume:


Dear Professor Dr Serafinas,

My name is Martina Damiani and it is my privilege to contact you today on behalf of the 50th St. Gallen Symposium.

The St. Gallen Symposium is the world’s leading initiative for intergenerational debates on economic, political, and social developments. Since 1969, we have fostered fruitful discourses as a student-run initiative combining excellence with innovative ideas.

This year through our Global Essay Competition, graduate and post-graduate students can qualify for an all-expenses-covered participation in the 50th Anniversary of our annual conference located in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The top three of the 100 participants selected through our essay competition have the unique opportunity of presenting their ideas in front of a world-renowned audience and share in the grand prize of CHF 20’000-.

Completely organized by students, we are proud to have welcomed distinguished participants over the years including Christine Lagarde, former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, and Dominic Barton, Managing Partner Emeritus McKinsey & Company.

Due to time constraints I do not have the possibility of visiting Vilnius this year. However, I believe that your graduate and postgraduate students could greatly benefit from this experience, and more importantly, represent the Vilnius University in our globally recognized conference this May.

Therefore, I would be extremely grateful if you could spread the word of our Global Essay Competition to your students. The submission takes place online at

Please let me know if you have any questions and/or would like to receive our fact sheet, topic outline, and promotional flyer to pass on to students.


Martina Damiani


Kviečiame dalyvauti!



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