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A great example to the students of Quality Management study programme

Mantas Dapkus, graduate of Quality Management study programme 2016-2018


Mantas Dapkus_KV_2018.10.29

We are pleased to announce that a scientific article „Methodologies for calculating the carbon footprint of small organizations written by one of our graduates Mr. Mantas Dapkus and prof. dr. habil. Juozas Ruževičius has been published in the international WEB OF SCIENCE journal “Quality-Access to Success” (2018, Vol. 20, No. 166, p. 114-121).

The graduate of the Quality Management study programme Mr. Dapkus says that the scientific article was a great tool not only for achieving his academic aims, but also in the search of a job – Mantas now is an employee of one of the biggest agricultural companies in Lithuania, that specializes in ecological production.

While thanking for the support and colaboration, Mantas acknowledges the fact that Quality Management study programme was really beneficial to his career and provided him the opportunity to see himself in the role of a scientist.

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