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Apply for quality!

apply for quality


We kindly invite you to apply for QUALITY MANAGEMENT MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAMME at Faculty of Economics, Vilnius University


Length of the programme: 1,5 years
Tuition fee per year: 2600 EUR (EU citizens) / 3400 EUR (non-EU citizens)


Quality Management programme is delivered since 1997 and it is the only quality management programme offered at Lithuanian universities. In 2013, during the international accreditation conducted by The Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education ( QM programme was accredited for 6 years. International accreditation experts have indicated that QM programme has strong links with the business and the curriculum is in line with analogous programmes of Western universities.


In 2015 Eduniversal global ranking, among the top 200 best masters in general management QM programme was ranked 8th in Eastern Europe!

90 percent of students and graduates would
recommend QM programme to others.


Each applicant is required to have a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and has to demonstrate that he or she has collected no less than 30 ECTS credits in the fields of economics, management and business administration or other social sciences. The selection criterion is based on the weighted average of relevant grades recorded in the transcript of the student’s academic record. Priority will be given to students with more courses and/or higher grades in management and business administration. All applicants have to prove their English proficiency.


For admission Ms. Ingrida Kelpsaite,
Studies coordinator Ms. Zivile Golubeve,
Programme information Ms. Roma Adomaitiene,

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