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Achevements of Quality Management programme students

Congratulations to Quality Management programme graduate Aurelija Žėkienė who’s master thesis “Study of Development Possibilities of Socially Responsible Funds in Lithuania” wining the 2nd place in National contest of Master thesis in Management. Contest was organized by the Association of Scientific and Technological societies and Lithuanian management society. The aim of the contest is to motivate young master study graduates to deepen the topic of management and effectively implement the scientific knowledge into management practices.
The supervisor of this master thesis prof. Juozas Ruževičius noted, that systematic scientific research made by A. Žekienė are fresh and significant in both theoretical and applied aspects. The high value of the thesis and wide spread of research results are confirmed by author‘s scientific articles (including articles in journals approved by Research Council of Lithuania) and presentation of research results and insights in two international conferences and seminar for strategists of the socially responsible investment.

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